Systems & Customized solutions


The strong design capability and technical know-how in fluid power allow Aidro to develop new systems and special products on clients’ request. The hydraulic systems are perfectly designed to fit in the Agricultural Machinery and with particular surface treatments to fulfill the customers’ needs.




Metal 3D Printed Hydraulic Manifold (Winner of Additive World Awards 2018)


Aidro has designed an innovative hydraulic block for mobile application and the jury of Additive Conference has nominated it the Winner of the Additive World Challenge 2018.


The redesign hydraulic manifold consolidated two parts into one, it is smaller than its predecessor, and has an optimized flow because of improved,curved channels. Moreover, the problem of leakage, caused by auxiliary plug failure, is eliminated and the weight is reduced by an impressive 70%.


Aidro Hydraulics won the jury over with the massive applicability and commercial viability of their design.


Because of its ability to build internal features and passageways, additive manufacturing is well suited for the design and manufacture of manifolds. The internal channels of the manifold are optimized for greater flow within a smaller space. Furthermore, the potential for leaks is eliminated because auxiliary drillings (hole plugs) are not needed.


Metal 3D Printed Hydraulic Manifold high pressure


The comparison between the traditional hydraulic manifold on the left and the 3D printed hydraulic manifold o the right  shows the huge weight reduction that is possible only with additive manufacturing. This manifold is designed for high pressure (700 bar). The material is Aluminum (AlSi10Mg) and compared to the conventional manifold the weight reduction is 75%.


The internal channels of the valve block are optimized to a better flow and space savings, while the potential for leakage is removed because auxiliary drillings are no longer necessary.


Integrated hydraulic circuits using cartridge valves were specified in lieu of line-mounted valves, the number of components was reduced to a minimum, and fluid lines were made as short as possible. The new design is made with metal 3D printing.


Atex valves


We offer a wide range of ATEX valves such as on-off, proportional and poppet valves, with certification Gas and Dust and Temperature class from T5 to T6.


Cetop Valves Hydraulic components


Aidro is an hydraulic systems specialist with more than 35 years of expertise in fluid power.

The main products are the followings:


Directional Control Valves

Flow Valves

Check Valves

Pressure Control Valves

Proportional Valves

Metal 3D Printed Hydraulic Manifold for Ag. Machinery


Beside its traditional production of hydraulic component and blocks, Aidro has introduced Additive Manufacturing to produce innovative hydraulic manifolds to take advantage of the benefits of 3D printing, such as lightweight, space saving, complex forms, and integration of sensor that allows the predictive maintenance.


In the photo, a comparison between the traditional Aidro manifold for mobile application and a redesigned version produced with a metal 3D printer machine. This manifold has exactly the same function as his predecessor : it controls a doubled acting cylinder with two solenoids valves and two pilot operated check valves.


Metal 3D Printed Valve Block


Additive Manufacturing (also called 3D printing) is a new technology that allows to create innovative solutions with unique advantages.


Aidro is using metal 3D printing to design and produce hydraulic systems that fit perfectly in the small space, lighter than the one made with traditional manufacturing.


The possibility to create internal channels without 90° intersection angle and curved channels reduce the potential leakage from auxiliary caps and plugs, that are completely removed.


The 3D printed hydraulic valve block is redesigned to be more compact and custom-made.


The main objective is to reduce the mass of the component whilst retaining its robustness.


Global mechanization

EIMA International is the International Exposition of Machinery for Agriculture and Gardening, a biennial event created in 1969 by FederUnacoma, the Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Federation, and organized by the federation’s service division, FederUnacoma Surl, in collaboration with BolognaFiere.