At Aidro, we get to the heart of hydraulic solutions and our passion makes every detail important.


We are involved in all aspects of our products from design to delivery. As such, we are committed to making our expertise and creativity at our clients’ disposal, to overcome the challenges of the hydraulics market together.


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Our history

In 1982, Aidro was founded by Mr. Paolo Tirelli, an Italian engineer with a vast experience in the hydraulics sector.

As a leader and innovator (patents’ inventor) in the industry, he was appointed President of the prominent hydraulics Associations (Assofluid and CETOP).


In 2004, Aidro expanded its presence with a new production plant and warehouse in Osmate (Varese).

During 2006, Aidro received the Quality Certification ISO 9001 for the design and production of hydraulic valves and components.


Thanks to the success of its activities, in 2009, Aidro established a new headquarters in Taino (Varese): a modern location, that merges high technology and art, the Aidro Founder’s passions.


In 2012, Valeria Tirelli succeeded her father as CEO of Aidro. New investments in equipments and resources were made available to the company’s clients, resulting in increased services and enlarged products' range,

Starting from 2017, Aidro introduced the new technology Additive Manufacturing, enabling the production of Metal 3D Printed products in the hydraulics sector.

Driven by the desire to innovate and by the continuous growth of 3D printing, the company now led by the siblings Tommaso and Valeria Tirelli, has expanded its activity to other sectors such as oil and gas, aerospace and automation




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