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About the Workshop

Theme: AM Industrialization and Automation


This one-day workshop will offer the attendees an opportunity to get a comprehensive understanding of the latest advancements in AM Industrialization and Automation. The workshop covers the key topics that drive AM industrialization and the current practices adopted by major organizations implementing AM. The topics in the workshop covers, Advanced materials, Multi-laser processing, In-situ process monitoring & control, Process simulation, AM Automation, and Industry 4.0 (AM Data Management, Machine learning). The workshop also covers gaps in AM standardization and certification in driving AM industrialization, and the research initiatives from AM CoE partners to keep abreast with the technology advancements.

Many technological barriers remain ahead of AM Industrialization.

Therefore, knowledge in AM industrialization strategies and best practices will significantly help to produce new and better products with reduced overall cost.


Who Should Attend

The workshop is open to all AM professionals, including industry (aerospace, medical, automotive, energy, and defense), academia,

and government agency representatives who want to learn about the latest AM standardized practices and the research and

development initiatives that drive towards standard development for AM industrialization.


Why You Should Attend

The speakers in this workshop are experts from industry sectors who leads the industrialization of AM. This gives a unique

opportunity for the participants to understand more about the best standardized practices. Each session is designed with a focus

on industry needs and the role that standards can play in driving AM industrialization.


Earn a Verification of Completion Certificate

This snapshot workshop is the fourth offering from the AM CoE Education & Workforce Development (E&WD) Program, which

provides training opportunities for various levels of the AM workforce. Each workshop participant will receive a Verification

of Completion Certificate from ASTM AM CoE.





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