Stainless Steel CETOP Valves in Additive Manufacturing


Have a look at our new CETOP valves in #StainlessSteel made with #AdditiveManufacturing, called #AMES series.


First serial production of #3Dprinted hydraulic valves for corrosive environment and high mechanical properties.

Available options: on/off, proportional and stackable valves.


The video shows all the process from the design to the production with our EOS M290 metal printers.

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The amazing story of a humanitarian and technological project to make possible what seemed impossible!


The 3D Printed Flight Control that allows a person with disability at one arm to fly, without any modification to the aircraft.

Watch the video with full story  and the tv broadcast on RAI 1


Aidro video presentation 2017


Linea Verde RAI 1


AIDRO presents AM in hydraulics during the RM forum! We partecipate at the FORUM - Lightweight material in Ag. machines Subscribe here the aidro newsletter aidro valves on line store

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